Day 2 of Retreat / Acquired Art Crusade

Day 1 of the writer’s retreat went very well. I highly suggest that anyone who has a big project to tackle should get away to gain a new perspective on it. It makes me want to study artist residencies and retreats more for their effectiveness. But, for now, I will stay focused on the book. Day 2 is getting off to a slower start, but I’m committed to write until 1 p.m.

Now . . . a treat for you. On the way to the airport the other day I was reading about Josh Spear and “cool hunting.” Josh happens to be located in nearby Boulder, CO, and is one of the most prominent “cool hunters” on the Net. Yesterday he wrote about the Acquired Art Crusade. People like him–people looking for COOL for their blogs–often feature art. You want to know the cool hunters.

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