Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I was in Austin, Texas this week. Had dinner with Brian Whisenhunt, my former assistant at the art museum, and tea with Janet Broussard, a local artist who has taken some of my online classes. It’s so cool to travel almost anywhere and know people–if only through this wonderful Internet!

But I digress. What I noticed in talking with both of them is that you really do have to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow and attain your goals. Brian moved here recently to take a bigger, better job at the Blanton Museum of Art. He knows only a couple of people, but he’s willing to meet more. He’s fully aware it’s a good move for him and his career.
As part of her art-marketing efforts, Janet has made contacting a visiting art galleries a part of her travels. She calls ahead of time to set up appointments. It isn’t easy for her to do and the rewards certainly aren’t immediate, but she realizes it’s good practice. It can only help her art career in the long run. [Read about approaching galleries.]

Image: Janet Broussard, September Afternoon. Oil, 11 x 14 inches.

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