Got Business cards?

Use your own art, their format, or one of their designs, but Streetcards seems to be a terrfic resource for business cards. You can even get them laminated and order in smaller-than-usual quantities.

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3 comments to Got Business cards?

  • Mikayla

    Alyson, I’ve not tried StreetCards so I can’t vouch for them, however, I’ve had great success with GreatFX Business Cards –

  • Andy Schoeller

    Check out these fun, casual business cards at Cards are designed by young artists and custom made by hand.

  • I have a post about B.Cards and name recognition. I think I made the mistake of using a made up business name to represent my art business. The name does not state what I do, and it really has no meaning to the comsumer or collector. I am a fiber artist. Most of my work is wearable art. People know me by my name, but they are not always sure what I do, or what fiberarts means. So I would like to rename my business using my name, and design a new business card that desribes what I do, so people will remember me,keep my card, and contact me. My question is what do artists put on their cards. I would love to see some examples of real artist business cards. I am interested in seeing if the cards are elaborate, simple, do they convey a message….Thanks!!