The Impact of Blogs

Blogging about blogging is a favorite pasttime of bloggers. Wait. Does that make sense? Of course it is an odd sentence, but it’s true. Blogging is also changing the way we think, act, and buy things.

An article in this week’s New York Times Books section reveals the impact blogs are having on writers.

I’m anxious to read one about the impact blogs are having on art!

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1 comment to The Impact of Blogs

  • Hello, Alyson,
    While not assuming there haven’t been others before now, I’ve recently launched a blog on effects of new creative media on art and writing. And, yes, your comment about not depending on Facebook helped prompt me to get rolling! is chock-full of re-imagined images that illustrate changes from pre-computer work to the present, as well as fresh artwork born in the digital realm. A great side-effect: it’s inspired me to review and start organizing my image archives.

    BTW, what’s the difference between subscribing to your excellent newsletter and the ArtBiz blog? I love to keep up, but don’t want to duplicate info in my in-box.
    Best regards, Catherine Rutgers