The Proof is in the Bumper Sticker

I hardly ever post two entries in one day, but this was so cool I just had to share it.

I went to REI yesterday with my friend, Rachelle. We started our excursion at the Starbuck’s lounge for a cup of pumpkin spiced latte. As I’m sitting there (did I mention it was packed full of people?), a woman comes over to me and asks, “Is that your car out front with the bumper sticker?” I said, “yes,” and asked her how she knew. She said I just looked like I was an artist consultant.
Anyway . . . long story short . . . She had been a subscriber to the Art Marketing Action newsletter for some time and had probably dropped off due to one of her spam filters (oh no!). But she was going to go home and resubscribe because she missed it. Home was in Washington state! She just happened to be in Denver for a couple of days and I just happened to run into her at the REI Starbuck’s, of all places.

That bumper sticker has been so good to me!

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2 comments to The Proof is in the Bumper Sticker

  • Alyson, you should be sending those bumper stickers out to your subscribers as well, spread those stickers around the countryside.

  • This might not have anything to do with bumper stickers… but I have a suggestion for your blog. When you post a link for another company or website, there’s a way you can write the html so it opens in a new window rather than just taking you directly to that site’s link. This will keep people at YOUR site but still allow them to navigate to the sites you’re promoting. Just a thought… Pam