Top 10 Business Accomplishments in 2005

It’s that time of year–time to pat yourself on the back for everything you accomplished in 2005. Since I encourage you to do this in this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I wanted to share my own list here.

I surpassed my goal for the Gain the Edge in Today’s Art Market workshop (October 29-30). One-hundred and fifteen artists came from all over.

The Art Biz Connection was launched. I am enormously proud of this site, which encourages artists to get together and support each other in their marketing efforts. About 30 salons have launched in the U.S. and Canada.

Focus on my book. I know what it is now! Before it was an idea. Now, it’s a book proposal AND reality. My coach, Cynthia Morris, has helped me focus on my goal of writing my book. She’s more than a cheerleader. I am totally motivated every time I talk to her. Hiring a coach was the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. I should have done much, much sooner!

Hosted a successful artist workshop in February in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A terrific group of about 24 people learned how to organize, install, and promote their exhibits. It made for a full (small!) room, yet intimate enough that we could be very interactive.

The BIG switch from PC to Mac and learning how to use my iPod and new audio technology for my Web site. Still have a long way to go, but it’s a start.

The Art Biz Blog came into its own. It had been a nebulous idea of an art blog, but gained strength and readers when I honed in on what makes me tick: better, more effective art marketing. It is also closely tied to my weekly newsletter. There’s a lesson to be learned here, folks.

Online classes were slightly changed so that "students" became lifetime members of the class. Anyone who now takes one of my classes belongs to its discussion group and is able to attend telegatherings on related topics free of charge (or listen to the audio recordings from those gatherings). Way cool.

Honed public-speaking skills through Toastmasters membership. As someone who has been speaking in public for 15 years, I sure wish I had done this ages ago. Honing writing skills by attending several workshops.

I encourage everyone to come up with their own list. You’ve accomplished much more than you think you have.

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9 comments to Top 10 Business Accomplishments in 2005

  • Sari Grove

    Ok I’ll bite, this year’s top ten business accomplishments…1)bought two fabulous kittens- I know it doesn’t sound like a business decision but- my husband is an artist also and we are both very competitive…The kittens have taught us to keep the peace! Major improvement in business flow…2)Burned a bridge with a web gallery in order to build my own- Clients were afraid to email the gallery curator, and I kept losing leads that I had lovingly created…Now I have a stand alone studio website, although it needs work, I am already getting feedback from important people….3)It was very hot this summer in Toronto, and I shed some extra poundage and grew my hair in longer…In an aesthetic driven field looks are- well you know…4)varnished unvarnished paintings…collectors like to purchase shiny, protected pieces- every job has a drudge aspect- varnishing is mine…5)am preparing to ditch my bricks and mortar gallery in favour of selling directly from my studio- same problem as with the gallery run website- contacts may like me but not my gallery owner…6)had a show running exactly when The Toronto International Film Festival ran- timing was great- got lots of publicity 7)sweetriot cacao nibs may put my work on their next chocolate tin- so far, they like what they see 8)gave my mother an expensive painting…my mum’s in the wine business- a good gift means that when I have my next show, the wine may be donated…9)bought a snazzy cameraphone that can email good photos of art to my mailbox, from there I can email a bunch to my website…-oh how wonderful! 10)designed a really fabulous business card…

  • Sue Clancy

    Congrats Alyson on all you’ve accomplished!! Way to go!!!! Ok now my turn: 1) I’ve had a brochure and several postcards professionally printed by Modern Postcard – I’m really proud of the brochure and cards!!!! 2) I’ve sold 36 of my fine art paintings this year in the Oklahoma area alone – and that doesn’t count the other fine artworks that I’ve sold outside of the state! 3) I had work purchased by two different museums and one gallery to become part of their permanent collections!! 4) I had 5 articles written about me during the year. 5) I had a number of cartoons, fine art pieces and articles that I’d written published in a number of places: Art Focus Oklahoma, SIGNews in South Dakota, and the Syracuse Cultural Workers in Syracuse New York 6) I’ve done better this year on keeping my desk clean! 7) I’ve read a TON of books… 8) I won a Neighbor award from the Norman Chamber of Commerce for my achivement in art! I’d go on just now – but my pot of chili is ready to eat!!! Anyway – Yippeee for me – and for Alyson and for Sari (the other person who posted earlier) Congratulations to us all and to us all a SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR!!!!!

  • Congratulations on a wonderful year Alyson. Thanks for sharing your accomplishments.You are an inspiration. Best wishes for 2006! I have to think about my list. It has been a good year for me too.

  • “The BIG switch from PC to Mac and learning how to use my iPod” I wondered why you made this switch! 2005 Accomplishments: 1. Selling my art on line by setting up a store. 2. Became an international artist by selling to collectors in two different countries besides USA! 3. Got my business cards printed. 4. Put a professional graphic logo of my .com on the back window of my car to advertise. No going back now 😉 5. Participated in two shows and sold art! 6. I now have a collector who has bought 3 pieces! 7. I changed my business name and logo so that it would reflect me and be more catchy- I hope 🙂 8. I have taken classes to expand my knowledge both in art and art business. 9. I found that I really do enjoy encouraging and helping other artists starting out in the same boat – not sure where that will take me. Funny thing is… even established artists further along and more talented than I, have voiced needing encouragement etc…! 10. I have made lots of new FRIENDS and started a valuable support system to which I must contribute if I want to continue! Best Wishes and many Thanks to your writings and wisdom!

  • Carol Zack

    Left Corporate America in April, and have been painting in Oil Pastels for 6 months. Was accepted into a juried show, and sold one portrait with two more from a commission. Oh, and found your website Alyson and love clicking on. Plan to take an on-line class in January with you. Thanks! Your site is really great!

  • Terri, I switched to Apple because: 1. My 1.5-year-old DELL laptop’s screen went out. 1.5 years! 2. I was sick of Microsoft crashing all the time (on my 1.5-year-old computer using the latest software). 3. I’ve missed Apple since I left the staff of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in 1998! 4. My husband (a technology savant) uses Apple for his business and said it was time for me to make the move. He was right. Not only is this machine gorgeous, but even Microsoft programs work better on the Apple!

  • Congrats, Alyson. I have continued my journaling, big, big help! Used it to create another lecture that I present to Quilt Guilds. in 2005 I: 1- Presented 6 lecture/trunk shows to local guilds, 2- Taught approximately 10 classes per month, 3- Attended several classes for my own professional development 4- had a professional brochure done for me 5- researched web site designers and chose one to re-design my site, started preparations for it this month 6- completed my manuscript for my first book and sent it to the publisher for their first review 7- attended a Pfaff Sewing Machine Dealer Convention (at their invitation) to teach a class on one of my techniques 8- appeared on the HGTV show called Simply QUilts with Alex Anderson 9- a rerun of my show for America Quilts Creatively (PBS) aired again 10- was asked to participate in the Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar in Pacific Grove as Artist in Residence for one week in 2007 11- was notified that my show for Simply Quilts will rerun on January 10, 2006 I have had a doggone good year! Congratulations to everyone on their grand accomplishments!

  • These are awesome! I hope everyone feels good about what they’ve done.

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