Apple’s New iWeb Features Easy Web Tools

I’ve been looking for an easy Web design program since I switched to Apple last September. Years ago, I learned HTML out of necessity when I wanted some stuff on our art museum site and had to do it myself in order to get it done. (As I recall, I had a martini each evening after dealing with code all day. And, BTW, the site looks a thousand percent better than when I was adding stuff to it! Kudos to whomever deserves it.)

Soon, the WYSIWYGs came out and I became a Microsoft Front Page user, although always grateful that I learned the basic HTML. I still use it often.Box_dw8_112x112

Fast forward to today. Although I am 100% devoted to Mac, I miss the ease of Front Page and still use it in the “Virtual PC” on my PowerBook. Oh, yes, I purchased DreamWeaver in November, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. A quick introductory class at Boulder Digital Arts next Monday should help, but I can’t imagine I’ll be proficient anytime in the near future.Iwebtitle20060111

I was excited to see the Apple announcement for iWeb, which allows anyone to create Web sites, blogs, and podcasts. It looks very easy, but not like it will fulfill my needs. So, I throw it out there for the technology-challenged artists among you who want Web pages in a hurry. Seems like a dream just for you.

I would be ever so grateful if Microsoft would make a Front Page version for my beautiful Apple. Anyone have any pull there?

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3 comments to Apple’s New iWeb Features Easy Web Tools

  • I love Front Page too… If I could figure out how to make it do my blog instead of just using the templates offered by blogspot I would be really happy!

  • I know someone who’s a Mac man at MS. I can ask if there is anything.

  • Cassondra Sweep

    I started on a Mac on GoLive, then went to Dreamweaver (I love it). I learned some html along the way, and eventually some PHP and now I’m learning XHTML and CSS. I had the opportunity to try Frontpage for the first time a couple of months ago, and I really dislike the interface – maybe it’s just because I know a lot more about website building now and I’m used to Dreamweaver. Hopefully your class on Monday will help quite a bit, and maybe you’ll like Dreamweaver – I didn’t take any classes to learn my web-skills, but I did go through a few online tutorials and read a few books and magazines. It was probably a slower pace of learning, but if after your class you’re still stymied and can find a chunk of time here and there, I can recommend checking out some official Dreamweaver tutorials online –