Are postcards still effective for art marketing?

Yesterday I posted a rant about one of my postcards being returned to me and the time and expense it took the recipient to tell me they didn’t want my postcards any longer.

Cassondra Sweep’s comment is worth posting again here:Myki

". . . if you had sent a nice long letter or more personal invitation instead, or had even called or shown up in person, (I’m not taking into consideration what a drain on your resources that would be, vs. a postcard mailing, of course – just dreaming here) would they have rejected you outright as well? In a world where advertising postcards are dominating the junk-mail landscape, are people in general looking for more of a personal, customer-centric experience when it comes to a first contact by a service professional? Or are postcards still an effective means of drumming up new business?"

In response, I have sent longer letters, but try to send out postcards just to be on the radar screen. I also advise artists to do the same. Postcards won’t always elicit the responses you want, but I think expectations should be lowered. Postcards should be used to keep your name in front of your contacts. They should be but one of your marketing tools. I’m afraid many artists use them as their only self-promotions piece.

What do you think?

Image: Cassondra Sweep, Myki.

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4 comments to Are postcards still effective for art marketing?

  • I think they are a great idea- I would not give that returned card a second thought. If I called the place to try to still get contacts – I would certainly try to find out who sorts and answers mail and NOT speak to them… 😉 I usually use postcards to advertise shows or new art. But definitely if you want more positive results you have to go the extra mile with calls, invitations etc…

  • Ten years ago I sent a really long handwritten letter to The National Gallery of Canada, specifically to the head of the Contemporary Art department…Maybe six slides of my work and of my husband’s…I received a lovely handwritten letter back from the assistant to the head…The letter was simple and complimentary & I felt like Wilbur the pig in Charlotte’s web when Charlotte the spider starts defending him…still do when I think about it…

  • Someone once told me, for every 100 postcards you send out, 10 of those will be interested in your product or service and maybe one of those 10 may become a client. So if you put those stats in perspective when you mail out postcards, you can get a feel for what they will or will not do for your business. Have you heard this or am I way off base???

  • advertising postcards can be a powerful promotional technique once you’ve done it right. You don’t just print without considering the contents on it. Whatever printed on the postcards should be interesting to capture the attention of the prospects.