Are you easy to track down?

Another rant . . .

For heaven’s sake, if you’re going to have a Web site and market yourself as an artist in business, at least have the decency to respond to email AND provide an alternative means of communication on your Web site!

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a single artist for the past two weeks. I don’t have a traffic citation or bill to issue her. I want to feature a photo of her work in a magazine article! And magazines, as you know, have deadlines.

Her Web site lists only her email address. I’d be happy to call her if I had a number for her, but can’t find one anywhere. I’m afraid she’s going to miss out on this opportunity.

Just think: I’m going above and beyond the call of duty for this project. Most people, if you didn’t respond to them right away, would just give up.

Make it easy on your potential collectors!

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7 comments to Are you easy to track down?

  • I think you have highlighted two hang-ups here. First, not everyone who has a website is internet savvy and bothers to check their e-mail regularly, if at all. Maybe they have been talked into getting a website designed for them, not realising the implications. Second, a lot of people are paranoid about divulging personal information anywhere on the web. Most commonly I hear this from those who have a real, and possibly justified, fear of publishing their street address. Unfortunately this can make them seem less than credible as far as online sales are concerned. No doubt some people have reasons for not divulging a phone number too. But I think anyone serious about being in business needs to get over these fears. Maybe the problem stems from the fact they they don’t really treat what they do as business? Of course, your artist could be taking some time off. They should have posted that to their blog though:)

  • go ahead – you can feature me 😉 (just kidding everyone – I am NOT the one)

  • I would of given up on that artist after checking web site and not seeing a phone number. I think it is rude not to put vital contact information on your web page. I think it really is an advantage to list personal information, not something to fear – someone in your home town may choose you for a project since you listed your address and live so close to them. Oh and one more thing, I am available and would love to be in your magazine article!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love all of the offers I’m receiving and it would be so much easier to work with any one of you. However, this is a story that actually happened to the artist in question. (Let’s call her the “suspect”!)

  • hmmmm. This makes me wonder, how many artists have an e-mail minder lined up in case of sickness, accident or other emergency? Who would answer your e-mail if you were hit by a bus? (or your house flooded, your mother died, etc. etc.) Mine wouldn’t get answered at all. Good post Alyson, this is something I need to think about.

  • phillippa lck

    Why are folks so paranoid about their personal ifnromation? The US imigration service have all sorts of facts about me, including my fingerprints, and judging from recent events, can track my phne calls, etc… Hey guys, if you have nothing to hide, 9and even if you DO!!) be cool, man… but this is the attitude of a transplanted jamaican…

  • Wow. Thought I had everything needed in my web site. Read the blog on “Are You Easy to Track Down” then reviewed my site. No phone number or mailing address! Just my email. I IMMEDIATELY corrected that. Thanks for helping us all look closer at our businesses and look professional.