Are you using your local small business resources?

Elementalsno8webDavid Castle posted this comment under a previous posting, but I don’t want anyone to miss it:

A helpful resource that some artists may overlook as too "business-y" is your local Small Business Development Center. Denver has a pretty good one – I took their NxLeveL Entrepreneurial Training a few years ago and would recommend it to artists without a business/marketing plan. They also offer quite a few other relevant classes.

Thanks, David. I couldn’t agree more! Many SBDCs are doing a lot of relevant programming–some even setting up stuff especially for artists. I highly recommend everyone look into their local capters. The Small Business Administration might be a good place to start.

I’ve even been invited by SBDCs to do workshops for artists, such as one a few years ago in Boise, Idaho. It was a terrific experience.

Image: David Castle, Elementals – No. 8. Watercolor on paper, 30 x 30 inches.

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3 comments to Are you using your local small business resources?

  • I’m located in the metro-Atlanta area and unfortunately, the SBA / SBDC offers little. The business classes which are available are offered at fairly high costs and nothing is oriented toward business plans, budgeting, accounting, marketing, or pr for artists. I even conducted a search on the SCORE site, adding specific keywords, but no matches for Georgia came up! (Alas…) I need people whom I can meet face-to-face with and who can also provide realistic ball park figures where marketing related fees and services are concerned.

  • I can echo David’s experience w/ SBDC. Ours didn’t have anything specifically geared to artists in business, but when I asked, they began researching the topic and unearthed some very good information, including the web address of a certain artist’s business coach in Colorado. The NxLevel class is well worth the money, about 250 dollars here. The textbook, alone, is valuable, and the discipline the class teaches is priceless.

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