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ZimaYesterday I received this email from Paula Zima. Like many artists, she was frustrated by the dearth of art business software for Mac users. I thought her insight might help others. Incidentally, the program also works with MS Windows.

I wrote you earlier about the art management program that a developer friend had told me about: Flick!, and you asked me to learn more about it.

It was kind of rough at first, the program had some "anomalies" in it, and there were several mistakes I made because things weren’t spelled out for a person like me who doesn’t mess around with computers a lot. However the developer was quite patient with me, and answered my questions, and helped me get it sorted out. He is continually updating the program, which sells for about $20 depending on the exchange rate (he is based in Australia), and I’ve noticed that he has taken all of my suggestions into account.

I stuck with it because, the other programs that you found were either way too expensive for me, or didn’t work on a Mac, or were web-based and needed to be used with a high speed connection, or were ugly and had a cantankerous developer….

You finally suggested that I just use Filemaker, and set up my own . . . and in talking with my developer friend who  does that professionally,  was steered to the Flick! program that works with either your own Filemaker  program, or by itself if you don’t have one. 

So for $20 you can get a lovely to look at, and easy to use art management program, that easily fills my needs as a painter, and sculptor. I use Quickbooks for my accounting stuff, but Flick! keeps track of what I’ve done, what it looks like, who bought it, and what else they have bought, my mailing list…. and has a great way of being able to do searches using any criteria I might have.

I’m in the process of  entering all my data now, the holiday time was a great time to clean out my files, and get this program going.  All stuff you suggested during the class, but I wasn’t able to do at the time.

Image: Paula Zima, Chinle Dog. Oil on canvas, 28 x 26 inches.

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8 comments to Artist Software for Mac OS

  • I only have time for one word: this is brilliant!!!!! (oops, 13 words)

  • Nicole

    Thank you for this information! I have purchased eArtist and I’m finding it very frustrating (because I’m a Mac user), to the point of not wanting to enter my information. I’m going to check out Flick the first chance I get. Thank you Laurie and thank Alyson!

  • Susie Monday

    I agree. I purchased eartist and have not had the heart ot open it because it was so ugly. I am buying Flick (I do seem to have a hitch on the download purchase) because it seems much more intuitive and the design is so clean

  • Susie Monday

    I still think this program is exactly what I need but after a week I still have not received the serial number from the company that I need to activate the full program. I have emailed them directly with a copy of my paypal receipt and still no word! This is a failure to communicate that is similar to the one that you speak of for your blog today, Alyson.

  • Thanks for keeping us informed, Susie! I hope you’ll continue to do so. (See, this is why I need a wiki site for artists!

  • Thanks for this Alyson – I am trying to help artists out with an innovative approach: web based Artist Business Software-as-a-service which to humans like me means all you need is an internet connection and browser (Firefox or IE) and you can keep your artist business records about consignments, sales etc. online (backed-up, always current software, always accessible, no locked-in databases). The advantages of this Web 2.0 approach are many.

    The cost is pretty low too – during launch it is $6.95 per month (annual subscription) and with a 30 day no-risk trial period… and subscribers lock-in the price for the future – no increases.

    We hope many of your readers will apprecaite being free at last from “platform” problems and prefer a more modern, sustainable solution.

    And thanks for all your work on this most excellent blog !

  • Arnaldo is an easy but complete app for Mac. I buy it and to be honest I am not dissapointed.

  • Hi there,
    As I work together with big galleries, my experience with artbutler ( is great! The transfer of the workdata to the galleries is really easy and the software saves my images in three sizes (for publications and for emails). That’s super.
    Also you can save contacts and keep track of what each contact has bought.

    And: their support team is really really nice. They know to every problem an answer.

    Good luck!