Logo Voting

I’m asking for trouble when I ask for opinions on something, but I’m willing to suffer the consequences. I started with this logo:

Then, based on Jay Coffelt’s feedback and my initial stab it it, went back to:


Finally, I decided I really like to have the dot over the "i." So, I’m using this now. Logo372


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17 comments to Logo Voting

  • Yes – I like #3 the best. The first one really focused on the art and the business/coaching was kind of lost.

  • I could really make you crazy and say why dont you put the “coach.com” at an angle coming out of the angle of the Z! I dont even know if that can be done!

  • I like the new logo – very eye catching. I love reading your blog, by the way, and newsletter. Thought provoking and helpful to know.

  • Yep. Number 3 is a the charm. I’m working on a postcard for our local non-profit art gallery/fine arts center and the minute I send it to more than 3 people for an opinion…I get exactly that! Lots of opinions. Eventually I learn whose opinion is to be trusted and valued. Good luck with the logo thing. Love the colors.

  • I think no. 2 reads easier than the others. I would use no. 2

  • phillippa lack

    I like no. 3. The dot over the “I” is a good touch. Think the tracking (letter spacing) of the words coach.com could be a tad wider

  • I love it! (I really like #2 but love #3.) I just love the balance…”art” gets the brighter red color but is in smallcase…”biz” gets the less bright color but does get all caps. Much better. You go, Alyson!

  • Pam

    Yep, #3 is the best. My only suggestion would be to make the dot bigger or more obvious between “coach” and “com” – right now it kind of squashes together into one word. ~Pam

  • Nicole

    I like your first design the best but I think the second one is better for your branding because it echoes your blog logo. Consistancy is always the best, as you well know.

  • Love the feedback! Nicole was right. As soon as I got a logo down, I tweaked the logo on this blog as well–added a dot over the eye and the new artbizcoach.com logo. I also took Pam’s suggestion. I had been laying the .com over the “h” in coach for so long that I couldn’t think of it in any other way. It reads much better with the extra spacing. The blog title is kind of busy, but I don’t think I have it in me to work any longer on it. The important thing is consistency. I’m almost there!

  • I’ll cast my vote for #3. I love the colors!

  • Hi.. Great Logo.. I liked your 3rd choice the best too. FYI…in your example.. the most common type of color blindness is red/green.. so it’s almost never used for professional corp logo’s. But it looks great the way you’ve used it on your banner!

  • Of course, Mike! I never thought of that. And my entire http://www.artbizcoach.com site is red and green. Mistake? Dang! I love red and green together.

  • Dear Alyson, Number 3 is the best design. The first logo appears unbalanced to me. The word “Art” appears so large and red compared to the “coach.com” portion of the logo that it throws the logo out of balance. It’s almost as if the logo is going to tip forward. The overall shape of the logo creates less interest because each consecutive group of words becomes smller. The next two logos are quite similar; however, I do prefer number three. The color shift between the word “Biz” and the background is not a huge one, so I think the greater amount of information that occurs there with the dot on the “i” instead of the capitol “i” encourages one’s eye (no pun intended) to linger on that portion of the logo a bit longer and thus balances the more subtle green color with the bright eye-catching red.

  • Alyson, It’s probably not a huge problem cause you may have enough lite/dark contrast. But, about 5% of the population (1 in 20) can’t see any difference between red and green. Here’s a link to everything you’d ever want to know about it.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_blindness#Prevalence

  • Better late than never! Compositionally speaking, Number 3 wins, hands down. Keep that dot.

  • I think #2 or #3 are good, but I think the “dot” and coach.com look a little squished. If you could spread it out just a little it would be more readable. Harriete