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There are all kinds of art blogs out there, like those I listed a few days ago (be sure to read the comments for additional links). Then there are those, like this one, written for a deeper understanding of art and the art business. See:

Arts Journal Blogs
Diary of a Pauper Blog
From the Floor
Art Blogging LA
Modern Art Obsession

That should get you started.

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  • I have been blogging for over a year and have gotten a lot of response from my blog. I talk about my online classes and my artwork. I think it gives collectors an insight into your working habits. I keep telling my art friends this is a great way to market their work, but it is falling on deaf ears. I get more hits on my blog, than I do on my website. :)Come by and visit my blog

  • This true I get more hits and lead in (to sales) from my blog than I do anywhere else!

  • Because of your advocacy for blogs and marketing my art through technological avenues, I began my blog over the holiday. I’m still working out the kinks and figuring out how to get connected with all the techno-stuff and writing articles to be posted in future messages. The process is easy, but can be time consuming – but once the bones of the blog are in place I can see it being a quick avenue for marketing my business. I create custom scrapbook albums and artwork using photos and memorabilia that you’d normally have stashed in a shoebox. To check out the very beginning stages of my blog, go to:

  • Alyson, Thank you for the nice listing on your blog. I enjoy writting the website. “MAO” to my art friends. It started as just a way to keep track of my own collection and art notes. Now the site gets 500+ readers a day. Being involved in the NYC art world has been a great joy. And as a successful business person, I’m always shocked by the bad business practices in the art world… I’m glad to see you’re working to improve it!! Some of these Artists & Dealers need some siginificant help! You’ve got a Great website! Cheers to you.. Mike aka.. MAO

  • is my blog. Typepad wont let me post it since it does not have a www in front of it…if it does it does not work. I have been blogging since June and its been a lot of fun…recieved alot of interesting comments…even sold some things from it…definite plus there…it just seems more user friendly to add new work to than my website…which I really need to update… I think I am definitely hooked on blogging something I thought would NEVER happen…I shoulda known to never say never. Maggie in SC

  • I also have a blog, started in August. I have recently begun writing my “Art Story” and have received great comments and email from people wanting to know more. Blogging is a wonderful way to keep in touch with collectors without having to write out long email to each individual that writes with questions. Now, I just send inquiries to my blog, it answers most questions people may have. Read my blog here: I also have many other art blogs in my favorites list that I go to everyday to read about other artists, gallery owners, and people like you, Alyson! It is nice to get an insight into people’s lives.

  • Because of, I decided to start my art blog also. I created it this past Sept. Most people is this area still don’t know what BLOG means, let alone trying to find mine. I am just starting to get more hits on the blog, both through “pinging” and my own website. Also, having the blog and website address below my signature in all of my emails is a huge help! My blog is . Thanks for all the great links you put in this site. It helps me tremendously.

  • Thanks to Alyson, I also have a “baby blog. amoreitalia2, born last week. In its infancy, I am indergoing the trials of new “blogospheric parenting”. I would love to hear from other Italiaphilesand artists struggling with the start of a new business. Reach me at: http: //www.visualinterludes1.wordpress. com. Anyone who loves warm places is welcome to write in as well!!

  • Thanks to Alyson, I also have a “baby blog”. amoreitalia2, born last week. In its infancy, I am undergoing the trials of new “blogospheric parenting”. I would love to hear from other Italiaphiles and artists struggling with the start of a new business. Reach me at: http: //www.visualinterludes1.wordpress. com. Anyone who loves warm places is welcome to write in as well!! Sorry…had to fix typos of my first attempt!

  • I,too, have a brand new blog, Thick Paint at I’m having a lot of fun with it and plan to make it a place where collectors learn about my creative process and creative souls come to be inspired. I would love tips on expanding my audience. Alyson, thanks for lighting the fire.

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    Hi, I’ve really enjoyed the last few months blogging my creative stuff. The comments left by others can be very supportive and sometimes informative. This has considerably added to my incentives to produce art and reduced the isolation I felt creatively. Out put has rocketed and I’ve even started to snowball in financial reward for my art pieces because of the blog, albeit indirectly.