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This week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter contains some situations that require follow up and what to do in each case. Here are some more cases that might be applicable to your career. Whatever you do: follow up!

The head of the arts agency who wrote you a nice recommendation for your grant application.

This is a no-brainer. Thank-you note. Pronto! Add to your mailing list.

The gentleman who saw your work in a private home and told the owner to contact you because he’s interested in a commission.

HELLO! Any time you hear that someone has expressed interest in your work, you drop what you’re doing and contact him. Whatever feels best: phone, email, or snail mail. Even if you can’t help him out right now, your professionalism and attention to his needs will be greatly appreciated. You never know when he’ll have a project just for you. Nor do you know who he might know.

The gallery that you haven’t heard from in months and has a number of your artworks.

Galleries are busy just like you and yours is a relationship that depends on communication from both parties. Call them up and ask them what’s going on. If your work isn’t selling, have a heart-to-heart and ask how you might be able to help them move it more quickly. Add a note to your  reminders to contact them each month in the future.

The woman you don’t even know who sent a collector to your Web site because she just knew that he’d fall in love with your work.

As the collector how he found you and try to get specific contact information from him. Send a handwritten thank-you note to the woman: “We’ve never met, but I so appreciate your kindness.” Add both to your mailing list.

What other tools do you have for follow up? OR, what situations do you find yourself in that require follow up?

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3 comments to More on Follow Up

  • maxinechurch

    Thanks for the nudge! I’m absolutely hopeless at replying to people! I’m normally great at writing the letter but hopeless at posting them until the window has passed! An organised mailing list and a good stack of stamps is just what i need to get me organised – thanks!!

  • Found your blog through another blog. Some great tips you’ve given here that are often forgotten. Great business sense. Sherril

  • I sent a thank you note to the field producer from HGTV that visited my studio. His response was: “What a nice surprise.” !!! I guess none of the other untold number of artists sent a note. I’m referring them all to Alyson, of course.