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Through my art marketing classes like Shameless Self-Promotion and my live art marketing workshops, I’m constantly preaching to artists about the importance of branding. Yet, I’ve been a slacker. No more!
I’m giving the Web site and marketing materials a lift. And I’m doing it in a simple way: with a new logo. Of course, it takes more than a logo to make a brand, but consistency is a first step.

What better place to test it out than here. What do you think?

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3 comments to New Logo for

  • I like it! but then I am a fan of red 🙂

  • Great logo! Thanks for reminding us about branding. Actually I have plans also of uplifting my website. I would like to let you know that your e-book Cultivating Collectors is really a great one. It has a lot of great information and knowledge about marketing online. I am still reading it and I can not wait to finish it and grasp all the treasures of collecting prospects to market my art. This is what I am really looking for. Speaking about branding. This book is a must read. Thanks a lot! All the best, Jude Maceren artist My Blog Of Paintings:

  • Alyson, what I like about you and your coaching is the emphasis on the “business” aspect. You almost constantly remind people that if they want to be a working artist, then they need to be a businessperson. As a business major and after 14 years in Corporate America, it easily resonates with me. With some folks, however, I get the sense they are like “huh?” or “really?” Where is this headed you ask? Well, I’d emphasize “biz” more than it is. Just my $0.02. Jay