Organize Your Leads for Better Follow Up

Following up with collectors and leads is easier when you have a system and good habits in place. Without those, opportunities can slip through your fingers.

I know about what I speak. I thought I had everything in place until the leads started coming in faster than I could keep up. Workshop inquiries came from Michigan, Alabama, Florida (times three), New Mexico (times two), California, Illinois, and more. Who did I send what to and when?

I tried to keep it all electronically, but it didn’t work for me.

I started a notebook. It’s simple. Each inquiry has its page–arranged by state. I make a note of the contacts I made and when. I feel it’s working fairly well. However, I have to revisit this notebook regularly (something I wasn’t doing when the leads were only on the computer).

Whatever system you use, have one. And add a reminder to your calendar to check on the opportunities you have and follow up on them.

Here’s a terrific resource:
David Allen’s book Getting Things Done
Allen has an incredible system that appears to work for a lot of people. I use several of his ideas each day. also has a best-selling MP3 version if you want to listen to it on your MP3 player or iPod.

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