Which artists are using blogs?

A short list of artists who are using blogs. (List taken from comments in a previous posting on blogs for artists. See, it pays off to comment! Some of the links to the blogs didn’t work when I tried them out this time. Others aren’t mentioned here because they hadn’t been updated in the last month or so.)Sanders

Ron Anderson
Linda Blondheim
Deb Trotter
Carla Sanders
Sonji Hunt
Dijanne Cevaal
Rebecca Grantham
Dona Bumgarner
Julie Zaccone Stiller
Lisa Call

Image: Carla Sanders, Eye of God. Proceeds from sale of limited edition giclee prints go to the Hope Peace Chamber.

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14 comments to Which artists are using blogs?

  • Thanks for the link Alyson. Blogging takes time but I find that writing about my art every day or few days has really helped me clarify my goals. And keeping up and commenting on other blogs is a great way to keep connected in a small way with the larger art world.

  • anne

    Alyson, I applaud all of these artists. I have started a blog but am too self conscious to do much more than post images of my work. It is inspiring to see people simply putting it all out there, and they are so interesting too read. Hopefully I’ll get past the ‘fear’. I also applaud you for creating such a wonderfully interesting and informative blog for artists.

  • Thanks for the mention, Alyson. I also recently started a separate blog just for showing and selling my art. I sold my first piece in less than 12 hours after my first post. I’d love to hear more about how other artists use blogs for personal and professional use.

  • Thanks for the list of artist blogs. I missed your initial post on this topic but have also been blogging for about 6 months or so, link available from my website. I do Art Fairs and thought it would be fun to publish stories from the road along with shots of new art and even my thoughts about life. One of the reasons I started blogging…..I felt I was losing my ability to communicate with the written word. The more deeply entrenched I became with my painting, the more I LOST my ability to string together a sentence. The blogging feels so necessary to me for this reason. And I love reading what other artists are up to.

  • How exciting to see my painting in your blog on blogs, thank you! My left brain spends a lot of time out to lunch while my right brain parties and makes art. Even though I have an art blog, it is usually Nature that gets me grounded enough to write in it.

  • I’ve been spending this week moving my entire web site into blogging software (in my case, WordPress), because it just makes sense to take advantage of things like a database-driven structure, the ability to let viewers comment on articles, and all the various feeds that hook up to the site without any additional work on my part. I’m still doing exactly what I did with the site before, but now the software running the site is working for me 24/7.

  • Alyson, you might be interested in checking out my blog. I am chronicaling my coaching with Eric Maisel….and have encouraged all to contact you for the market side of our work.

  • Thank you Alyson, I’m trying to overcome the winter gray’s and will be making lemonade from these lemons of blah skies that are uninspiring for a plein air artist. One thing they do, do is make thankful when the sun does shine! All the best to you always! Rebecca

  • Alyson- Ron and I have had sales leads come our way not just from our main web site, but through our blogs. Most of the feedback I have received indicates that the readers of our blogs like the informal and casual nature of the posts. We use our main web site, our blogs and a quarterly ezine newsletter to reach out art patrons. Thank you for listing Ron’s blog at http://www.ronandersonstudio.blogspot.com

  • I began my blog last Oct with a goal to reclaim my realistic oil skills (lost to years of abstraction) so hense the title, KJ – 100 Objects. That quickly fell to the wayside as I discovered the world of art blogs… offering so much more than the conversational art mail lists I had been used to for many years. This is like a library where I can pick and choose my authors, read and respond… and most importantly, record my own career, past, present and goals yet unfinished. I’m lovin’ it! KJ

  • I have been inspired to begin a blog. Its purpose is to list my workshops and exhibits across the country as I confirm them. Now how does one set up some form of an EASY subscribe feature? I have hit a wall, as I have no tech skills and html code, I fear, will throw everything off that I have managed to thus far, sucessfully post. I have come so far but my eyes have glazed over at this point. There must be something easy out there??? Cynthia Padilla http://artinstructor.blogspot.com/

  • Cynthia, You need an RSS feed and also to try Feedblitz: http://www.feedblitz.com That’s what I use (see my column at left).

  • Thanks Alyson I now have the suggested Feedblitz RSS feed. It was a miserable two days figuring it out and then getting it to show up in my blog. Mission accompli.

  • Alyson -For only 3 weeks, I have subscribed to and been avidly reading your blogs and e-mail alerts, sometimes losing my way in the maze and always enjoying it. I have had a blog for over a year – it’s informal and personal and mostly about the process of an art life. For me, whether anyone reads it or not is less important than collecting my thoughts and writing about something that inspires me.
    Just a note on postcards – I show at outdoor shows (abstracts and bronze sculpture), no giclees or prints, only originals (monotypes are my “low” end) and design postcards with name on front of course, (used to be for gallery shows) so I can print out personal contact info on shipping labels (3 1/3 x 4),covering the dated info, and reuse them as handouts for potential customers – many prefer them to a business card (have that as well). I have been using GotPrint for a long time now – cheaper than MP, looks great and great service. -check them out!
    Marianne Hornbuckle, Santa Fe