You Are Not Alone

An article about artists struggling with business matters appeared in today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer. (It’s the same one I read last month in the San Francisco Chronicle). 

It’s just nice to know you’re not alone.

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3 comments to You Are Not Alone

  • I spend at least 70% percentage of my time creating opportunities, marketing, and running the business. I have only had a paint brush in my hand for three years next month and believe this is the only way to make it, unless you have already made it. My degree in marketing helps a lot.

  • phillippa lack

    If I was as successful with my art as I am with the business side, I’d be FLYING!! Afer 30 odd years of working in business, I know how to organize my files, my inventory, mailing list and accounting. It’s the other part (getting my name out there, and marketing) that seems to be defeating me!!

  • David Castle Art

    A helpful resource that some artists may overlook as too “business-y” is your local Small Business Development Center. Denver has a pretty good one ( – I took their NxLeveL Entrepreneurial Training a few years ago and would recommend it to artists without a business/marketing plan. They also offer quite a few other relevant classes.