A Pox on AOL and Yahoo! (Venting)

I have to say that this whole scheme to charge for email delivery that AOL and Yahoo have come up with has me in a tailspin and losing sleep.

How will my newsletter get to almost 900 subscribers (raving fans!) from those two sources?

How will my classes be delivered?

I suspect this will cause a huge bump in my business plan this year. Regroup, rethink. It’s difficult enough to get email through all of the spam filters people have set up (have I told you that I despise spam filters????). I can’t imagine what will happen when 900 people are emailing me telling me they haven’t received my newsletter.

And it’s not just me. What about artists who are delivering email newsletters or exhibition announcements?

Of course, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t even fully understand how it will work. Just sounds like a lot of red tape that I am not sure I want to deal with at all. I can only wait and see. It just doesn’t look pretty from this end.

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9 comments to A Pox on AOL and Yahoo! (Venting)

  • I’d be willing to pay Artbizblog for the privilege of an annual membership to make up the aforementioned deficit…If you can accept Paypal I could pay online…

  • I agree with you Alyson. I hate AOL…not so many complaints about Yahoo, but I certainly have no intention of paying them for delivering e-mail. Personally I don’t think it’s going to fly. If it does, I plan to reject AOL and Yahoo addresses. They will have to give me a different e-mail address if they want to hear from me. Maybe that sounds harsh but I don’t need the aggravation. As it is, Yahoo addresses are often used as a dumping ground for e-mail people really don’t want. And AOL…I don’t get a lot of bounces, but AOL addresses account for over 50% of what I do get.

  • Kathy Partridge

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. This seems to pop up every few years but never seems to go anywhere. Personally, I don’t know why anyone even bothers with AOL. They’re much more expensive than having an account with a good ISP, and they randomly trash legitimate email. I have an awful time getting mail through to AOL subscribers. They seem to be able to email out, but at least a third of what I send them never arrives. I hate it when I get an art inquiry from someone on AOL because I have no confidence that they’ll ever receive my reply. AOL’s tech support blames it on their spam filters. One person that I used to correspond regularly with finally opened a separate account on Juno just so she could get all my mail. Maybe this scheme to charge for email will finally prompt folks to do what they should have done long ago – switch to a real ISP and save themselves a few bucks in the process.

  • phillippa lack

    Hey! AOL IS NOT internet.. I work for a small ISP and we despise them too. Our clients frequently cannot get through, either..Support your local ISP who does not sell your name and send AOL and the other big guys a message. Alyson, I always get your emails!!!

  • Diane Ronayne

    I use a cable Internet provider–much faster, and they have a great spam protector. I use it to block EVERY Yahoo message (97 percent are spam). AOL was developed at a time when Internet usage was new and people had to have their paws held with ‘user friendly’ interfaces. There’s no need for that now, so as far as I’m concerned, AOL could go bye-bye, too. Maybe I’m an Internet snob, but if I get a message from someone using either Yahoo or AOL, I wonder how adept they are with technology.

  • I used to have aol. It took me a LONG time to drop them. They first opened a second account and charged me double for a 4 months before I was finally able to stop that. Then, when I Finally got rid of that account they wouldn’t refund my money. Then it took another 2 months to drop my original account. Another person I know had to tell the bank to not allow AOL to take money from her account.

  • I don’t use AOL. My parents do they are little less tech savy… I think it is some greedy jerk trying to get rich. Let us see… we use to have “Free TV” “They” made it so anything good to see is on pay cable. Radio is pay now (with Sirius and the other)Telephone is going DIG and so is everything else…so guess what more money… I use to dial into a bulletin board before AOL was born (and it was a bulletin board folks!) and get on the INTERNET for FREE.

  • Ooooh…sounds like people are over reacting a bit. And…to lump all Yahoo users as low tech, is a bit much. If everyone read the news release closely in both USA Today and the NY Times, you will see that they are “trying” (they haven’t done it yet) to have large users of business email pay for Guaranteed delivery of email. If you are sending out newsletters now and most of them get through to your users now, then you won’t pay for the “guaranteed” delivery of the email. Believe me, I won’t pay to have my newletters sent, but I don’t have a huge group and all of my people have given me permission to send them stuff, just as Alyson has! I DO LIKE spam filters. The filth I used to receive was unbelievable and those groups send to thousands. If they have to pay 1/4 of one cent for each email, I bet that would slow them down.

  • Thanks Jayne, for restoring my tech. level a bit! I have two email addresses, my professional account and my Yahoo address. I do use my Yahoo account for personal e-mail and receiving newsletters. I don’t have my spam filter on and actually receive very little spam. I’m attached to my Yahoo account because I’ve had it forever, it’s familiar and old friends can find me there. However, I will change it if Yahoo starts charging small businesses to send e-mail.