Presentation Envelopes

For times when you just don’t need to send a pocket folder or notebook,
try an eye-catching envelope. Maybe for grants, media releases, or a
special packet for your favorite collector.

I’ve been sending out my workshop proposals in these fabulous presentation envelopes from Paper Source. They’re somewhat pricey ($7.50 for five), but I don’t need to use a folder inside. Who likes keeping two-pocket folders anyway? They won’t fit in file drawers and seem like a huge waste of money. I put my new logo on the label and it looks like a jewel amid the other mail.Psenvelope

I just sent one to Washington state and the recipient immediately sent me an email telling me how cool it was. She said even the postmaster commented on it!
Paper Source is one of my favorite sources for good-quality paper supplies. The presentation envelope is from their P.S. Collection.

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