Start a Conversation About Your Art, Part II

Three more ways to start a conversation about your art:

6. The My-Technique-is-Really-Fascinating Greeting
For use when you know people are extremely interested in how you make art. Best done along with a hands-on demonstration.
“Have you ever seen a painting made with wax? That’s what encaustic is . . . ”

7. The I’m-Sorry-I-Didn’t-Catch-You-
When-You-Walked-In Greeting

“I am so sorry I was talking to someone else when you came in. Is there anything I can tell you about my work?”

8. The Gee-You’ve-Been-Looking-at-that-for-
a-While-Maybe-You’ll-Buy-It Greeting

“Let me tell you about that sculpture. The model was . . . ”

What are your favorite ways to start a conversation at an opening or in your booth?

Be sure to read “Play Offense” in this week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter. It’s all about honing your words.

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1 comment to Start a Conversation About Your Art, Part II

  • I love the new entries about greeting people. You always seem to be talking about something that I need to hear at just the right time! I am just starting a blog (last subject) and now you are talking about breaking the ice and talking to people. I will be doing that this sunday at a handmade valentines event. My wife & I will be selling some cards. What a great help you have been!