The Guild Sourcebook Pays Off for One Artist

Cassandra Tondro, (former? current?) Art Marketing Action subscriber, is featured in the current newsletter from The Guild. Read about how advertising in this publication has been valuable for her. Tondro

No, I’m not telling you to advertise there–I get no kickbacks. I’m just telling you that it is working for some artists. You have to be the right fit.

If you’re curious as to whether or not this is a good avenue for you, listen to the telegathering I did with Guild Sourcebook artist marketing consultant Paul Murphy. also has a teleclass on public art proposals (Cassandra mentions her involvement with them in the interview).

Image: Cassandra Tondro, Redscape. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches. (c) The Artist.

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1 comment to The Guild Sourcebook Pays Off for One Artist

  • phillippa lack

    I sent some ties to these folks, but they just wanted one tie on a plain background, no artistic arrangement. Naturally, they did not sell. I do pretty well with my ties, usually, but the person in charge of the project had no idea about displaying wearable items. I agree, if you are a good fit, they woudl probably do well for you.