As I sit here contemplating tonight’s telegathering on "Technology for Artists" (part of  my Setting Up Your Art Business class) I can’t help but ponder the irony.

The strangest thing has happened. I can’t open ArtBizCoach.com or StanfieldArt.com at my home. I can’t get my email. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

We’ve narrowed it down to our Qwest DSL not recognizing the number code (what’s that called?), but they won’t fess up to the error. What does one do in this situation? When one’s livelihood depends on being connected? BLOG!

My husband, in his home office, can’t access those Web sites either, but I know that other people can. Seems to be something in our air.

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5 comments to Unplugged

  • Hi Alyson, I can get to your pages, so they’re up…in other words, the server isn’t down. Weekend before last, I couldn’t access my website either, but I called the webhosting company and they were having a technical problem. My site was down for a whole day, and when it came back up, it was the old version, not the new one I’d uploaded just a week before.So I had to re-upload the new one. Strange, but it’s been fine since. I think what you were trying to say is that there’s a problem with your IP address, but I don’t know how that gets fixed. Hope you can get it straightened out soon.

  • My daughter is having a similar problem with her laptop too … Technology is wonderful when it works and can send ya over the edge when it doesnt! Good luck! Happy Valentines Day to you too!

  • How’s it working today Alyson? I was able to get to your site yesterday, although it did hang for about 30 seconds before pulling up. Enjoy VDay today. Being in the restaurant business, I look at it from a VERY different angle! Still waiting for the flowers to be delivered and the chefs are getting grouchy. Let’s see, where did I put that wine?

  • Can you believe I didn’t even turn my computer on yesterday? My treat to me for Valentine’s Day! Today your sites worked fine for me. Probably a problem with your host and it is now fixed. Anyway, I agree with Terri West-technology is great when it works….

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