Which blog format to use?

I know many artists out there are confused about blogs. You want to start one, but don’t know where or how to begin.

I admit that I started with TypePad because I knew one person that was using it. I thought, if it’s good enough for Suzanne Falter-Barns, it’s good enough for me. Yes, I should have done more research, but it’s served me well.

The Blog Squad has a posting about TypePad vs. Blogger. Be sure to read it and the comments that go along with it. It should be interesting to follow. Always nice to hear other opinions.

Also, I have noticed blogging classes starting to appear in local continuing education venues. Check to see if there’s one in your area.

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9 comments to Which blog format to use?

  • I believe you had an article, “Every Artist Should have a Blog,” this past September. The link to that article had a list of several blog sites, with the pros and cons of each. I picked BLOGGER. It’s free and so far I like it. I still would like to make my site more customized, but I don’t have enough HTML expertise to take the chance of screwing up what I have already!

  • Alyson – I know this doesn’t have much to do with today’s message. But I wanted to mention that I’ve got your RSS Feed bookmarked on my BlogLines account along with the other blogs I regularly read. Normally I just read the messages right there on the bloglines website. That is – all except yours. I love your blog site so much with the pretty colors, new logo and slick design, that I always click over to your site to read directly from here. Thanks for creating a pleasant blog environment for your readers. ~Pam PS – I, like those above, also use blogger for my blog and like it a lot. http://scrapbooksbypam.blogspot.com

  • Kathy Partridge

    I went with Blogger for my Tails from the Artside. My ISP offers 3 free blogs with my account, but I found them difficult to set up and customize. Blogger was easier, though I’m not so good with HTML either. I have managed to put in some links based on the example code they already had in there. I’ve also put a counter on it. In less than 24 hours, I’ve had four visitors, but no comments. It will be interesting to see if most folks just read. Without the stats, I wouldn’t have any way of knowing. I’d think I was being ignored

  • Beth Robinson

    I’d like to share the option I chose. I use Squarespace, a fee of $7 per month, because it’s not just a blog service, though you can use it as only that if you prefer. It is also an online webpage builder. So I keep my galleries of images there, have a page directing folks on how to purchase my work, keep track of many visitor stats, and can upgrade the visuals without knowing too much html. It served me well when I began it as a hobby and looks like it will be flexible enough to carry over to a full professional website set-up with a little more work. I do use Blogger for a collaborative journal project with another artist, so we can both post to the same blog, which would cost a fortune with squarespace. It has its uses, but I miss not being able to link to an individual post and not being able to see visitor stats.

  • Like several others who have posted, I chose Blogger because it was free. I wanted to learn more about blogging and found the $0 investment irresistible. I started a blog for my hobby/passion site BackyardBirdCam.com and have been very impressed with Blogger’s flexibility. The service has a feature that I haven’t seen in TypePad (perhaps I just haven’t looked deep enough) — the entire blog can be published to my web hosting server. This means I can use my existing domain name + “blog” (backyardbirdcam.com/blog) to create a great tie-in to my web site and not send people to a different domain name, address or site just to read my blog. This also means that the blog visits are included in the web statistics for my entire site. I highly recommend using this Blogger feature if you have an existing site and want your blog to be an extension of it.

  • I went with Blogger as well. It’s hard to compete with FREE! I wanted to start a blog about my experiences marketing my Benjamin Franklin Giclee. I have been talking to so many different people; Independence visitors center in PA, Galleries, people online, Freemasons, etc. I figured if I write it all down it might help me. I started a couple of days ago and I quickley found myself talking about my other art projects. http://paintingloft.blogspot.com/

  • Kathy Partridge

    A follow-up to my post of the other day…I’m getting a little cranky about Blogger’s insistence that everyone know html. Seems like every little thing you want to do requires knowing where to insert code with only the instruction to put it between the body tags which doesn’t help much. Adding links is a real pain. Most of the time when I insert code, nothing shows up on the page. I’m already thinking about switching to another service even if I have to pay a small fee.

  • Kathy Partridge

    After reading the Blog Squad posting on Blogger vs. Typepad, I ended up moving my blog to WordPress. It’s a lot easier to use, and has features like a blogroll, categories,etc. It’s much easier to add links and you can categorize them too. And, it’s still free. They also have a built-in blog stats feature that tells you how many visitors you’ve had. Apparently the vast majority of blog viewers are just that – they don’t post.

  • I recommend TypePad for the ease of use. I tried Blogger and Xanga before I found my way to TypePad. It’s well worth the small monthly fee and even cheaper if you pay by the year. You can also have multiple blogs at TypePad and many more features than the free services.