Always the Host/Hostess

Scared of big crowds where you might not know anyone?

In response to last week’s Art Marketing Action newsletter on being a star host or hostess at your art opening or open studio, my dear friend, Coach Rachelle Lee, sent this:

I love the concept of being a star hostess. No matter what type of event I am at, I pretend I am the hostess. I started doing this when I was doing mega networking events and felling awkward and uncomfortable. I decided I would simply pretend to be the hostess of the event, which meant I was responsible for making sure people were having fun and enjoying themselves. I found it took the edge off and helped me relax. I have even had people thank me for hosting such a great event which made me laugh because I wasn’t the "official hostess" but I guess I did a pretty good job.

Sounds like a dandy idea to me!

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