Are you sending handwritten notes for your art business?

I have received the nicest feedback from artists who attended my workshop on Saturday. They were listening! They wrote thank-you notes (even though they didn’t need to).

Handwritten thank-you notes will set you apart from the crowd. They are professional, generous, and sincere.

One artist wrote:

Thank you for the excellent presentation . . . I have to say that yours was among the best workshops of the day–and one of the best I’ve attended on the subject in a long time.

Nancy Wylie, who has heard me speak before, wrote:

You absolutely amaze me with your memory and watching you meet and greet people. You truly walk your talk! You inspire me to be better at remembering names and not being afraid to meet and talk to new people.

Well, I remember faces better than names in the long run, but I try . . .

These notes are so meaningful to me. When is the last time you wrote someone to tell them how helpful they have been to you?

Image: Nancy Wylie, Forest Sunset. Pastel, 11 x 14 inches. (c) The Artist.

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