Art Marketing Action Circles Begin in May

Well, the time has finally come. My dream is becoming a reality. Of course, I’m talking about the virtual art marketing action groups I have wanted to start for so long (three years!).


Art Marketing Action Circles begin in May and will meet every other week. They’re all about creating an atmosphere of support for artists who want to get a lot done. Motivating, inspiring, goal-setting, habit-forming, routine-building, . . . We’ll be doing it all.

It’s important that members of the groups have similar goals, so I’m starting with a group for beginners and another for those who have been showing and selling their art for at least five years. Think you might be interested? Check out the details for Art Marketing Action Circles. We are going to get so much done. I’m psyched for all of the potential energy these groups can generate.

I hope they’re for you!

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2 comments to Art Marketing Action Circles Begin in May

  • this looks like a great thing!!! I am so proud that you have created something like this. It is surely going to help the new artist as well as the established artist. Both young and old are always looking for more help and ideas. Alyson; you rock!

  • tanya leslie

    love the idea and wish i could do it!!! though 150.00 is a little to steep for me! plus its in the middle of the busy period for us art fair people!!! May June & July