Bloglet disappointed. I’ve moved to Feedblitz.

After more than a week of Bloglet being down, I finally got fed up. (It’s happened several times before.) I’ve switched all of my subscriptions over to FeedBlitz. Instead of getting Bloglet updates from me, you’ll now get them from FeedBlitz.

FeedBlitz allows you to control all of your subscriptions just like Bloglet. The only huge difference is the look (more handsome) and, hopefully, the reliability.

For anyone else out there who is contemplating the move: It’s easy! FeedBlitz imports your Bloglet subscribers seamlessly. Took me about 20 minutes or less, I believe.

If you aren’t getting my daily updates, subscribe in the upper left or use one of the RSS feeds below.

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2 comments to Bloglet disappointed. I’ve moved to Feedblitz.

  • johntunger

    Alyson, I notice that you don’t have an RSS subscribe button in your sidebar… I’m guessing this is because you believe your audience is more comfortable with email subscriptions or live bookmarks? I would strongly recommend adding a feed subscription option as well. I use to manage my RSS feeds. There are a number of great reasons to use them: 1. They have a great stats package that will help you learn more about how many readers you have and what they are most interested in. 2. If you change the feed, they make it easy to forward your existing readers to the new feed. 3. It’s free. 4. Feedblitz is integrated into their services. 5. They convert the RSS feed to a single format that works with all the current subscription methods out there. 6. well, go check them out already… there’s a bunch of other aspects to their service that are quite useful. I think you’ll be impressed.

  • I actually do have an RSS feed button, but it’s near the bottom on the left column. I’ve asked someone to help me revamp this blog, so maybe she can get it into better form. Thanks, John! (I know I used to have a Feedburner button as well. Wonder what happened to it? . . . .)