Branding and Updating

Picture_1_1Well, I did it. I finally changed the tone of this site to match the site. The blog is always a work in progress, but I think I’m getting closer to where it should be. I’m certain there will be tweaks over the next couple of weeks.

I’m preparing for another talk on branding for my Art Marketing Action workshop next week in Mobile, Alabama, and have an article on the subject in the February issue of Art Business News. (ABN gave me this huge 1/2-page ad in return for my article and, lo and behold, it features my OLD brand! What a time to change.)

Anyway . . . I’m finally following my own advice: Same colors, same fonts, similar messages. It always makes it easier to be remembered. Just like you and your artwork: consistent style and quality will make your reputation.


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1 comment to Branding and Updating

  • Looks great. I much prefer 2 column blogs – the 3 column ones are just too busy for my tastes. And the colors are great. Now you have to redo your button! And don’t forget the favicon also.