But are they talking about art?

The New York Times reports this morning that lectures and readings are selling out around the city. They show a picture of a line wrapped around a building with people waiting to get tickets. It’s like a rock concert!

What’s up with this? And what does it mean?

Does it mean we are tired of the computer? Tired of the rat race? Wanting to reconnect with people on a deeper level?

Those who have been reading the Art Marketing Action Newsletter for a while or who have taken my classes know how important I think language skills are for visual artists. Yes, art itself can create an intimate setting in which people can connect. But, what if you added the element of dialogue? Imagine what could happen!

Museums do this all of the time with lectures.
Artists do it with gallery talks.
The Art Biz Connection salons are all about getting together to talk about art (and marketing it!) with other artists.

How could you incorporate such interaction with your career?

In the Shameless Self-Promotion class, there is a section on giving a public talk. Class members are going to be exploring this more in depth at one of our frequent telegatherings this Monday.

There’s all kinds of ways to connect. Stay tuned to hear more about the virtual Art Marketing Action Circles that are starting in May. I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

See the archives categories for blog entries on artist communication.

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1 comment to But are they talking about art?

  • Ohh Good! I have got something informal going like this with at least two of my online friends chatting through yahoo messenger! I can’t wait to hear about it!