Follow Up on the Phone

Whenever you send a letter about your art, be sure to say that you will call at a specific time to see if it has been received and if the recipient has any questions. Then, put it on your calendar and do it!

I did this a few weeks ago when I was encouraged by an artist in Northern California to send a workshop proposal to her local arts council. I did and two weeks later I called to make sure it was received. I was slightly nervous because I had never had contact with the person before, but my fears were instantly allayed. He not only received it, but he wanted to talk with me about it right then and there. He was very interested in it.

Again, the steps:

  1. Send letter of inquiry stating that you will call them in [two, three, etc. weeks] to see if it has been received and if they have any questions.
  2. Make a note on your calendar for the day you said you would call.
  3. CALL! Don’t say you’re going to call and then not do it.

Read “Get ‘em While They’re Hot” in the Art Marketing Action newsletter and "Follow Up."

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1 comment to Follow Up on the Phone

  • The “Get them while their hot” theme couldn’t be more true!!! I sold some framed Ben Franklin prints to the closest frame shop in the historic district. That was 3 weekends ago. I need to get back in touch with them find out if the products sold and give them manager the chance to buy more while the idea is “hot”. Tomorrow I will call. As I have said before. There always seems to be a connection of what you are talking about and what I am working on. Strange! (but good)