Give Your Guests Lovely Parting Gifts

Send the guests at your openings home with “lovely parting gifts.”

Of course, you can’t always do this with a huge crowd, but what if each guest received a small packet of your notecards or a small inkjet print of your work? You’d be getting more of your images out and treating each person like royalty.

Can you think of anything else you could give away?

In response to my posts on hosting events, Harriete Estel-Berman wrote:

Wow, a list of manners for an opening.  What a great idea! Can I add one more?
If you have work at the show, wether or not you are the only artist in the show,  come to the opening early, and stay the entire evening.

I have seen so many young artist come last, stay a few minutes and leave.
So what if you are one of twenty artist….this is an opportunity to meet people.

Excellent point! It’s YOUR party. Be gracious and grateful and model good manners.

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8 comments to Give Your Guests Lovely Parting Gifts

  • I am giving away with my Open House at the gallery this Friday night -some of my signed numbered art-card prints with a small inexpensive frame that I purchased in bulk. Hopefully this will prevent the cards from getting thrown in the trash. Some people don’t know about the art card craze…

  • What a great idea! Parting gifts- a beautiful way to get myself and my art remembered! How about bookmarks on quality card-stock type paper with an image on the front,signed and numbered in some white space at the bottom of the front and of course contact info on the back?

  • How about a “coupon” for a discount on a commissioned piece of art? I think artists hesitant to offer special price promotions on their art. Why? I know when I have a discount card for the bookstore, I always go shopping!

  • Something that I thought would be fun to give away as gifts, are small bags of personalized M&M’s with either my website or slogan on them, you can create them online. A sweet treat 🙂

  • I was just thinking about this topic last week when a friend wanted a donation for their fundraiser. They wanted me to donate a painting for their event. Instead of a painting, I decided to have about 5 to 10 notecards ( with envelopes) made up from 5 – 10 of my paintings. I could have them ready for future fundraisers and gifts to hand out after an opening. The remainer I can always use as thank you cards.

  • Nancy Moskovitz

    I read this good advice just before an opening reception. At the last minute I grabbed some of notecards with my art which I keep on hand for my personal use and some envelopes. I handed one…just one… to each guest as I greeted them (till I ran out.) I was astounded at their delight. Who knew? The back had the same information as my business cards, but this was so much nicer.

  • I am a very theme-oriented person. I like to work an entire collection around a central idea as well as unifying design principles. My most recent collection, a solo exhibit, was titled “What’s For Lunch?” I had brochures formated like menus and even had activity sheets for the younger crowd. Everyone received a restaurant-sized box of crayons labeled with a print of one of my paintings AND my contact information. Last year, my collection was “A Baker’s Dozen.” Each guest took home a wooden rolling pin Christmas ornament with my website printed on it. (Hopefully they will think of me each time they put this on their tree and maybe even give my website a look for some Christmas shopping!)