I’m free!

Well, at least for a couple of days. The book proposal for The Essential Guide to Marketing Your Art with Confidence is in my editor’s hands for the time being. I met my March 1 deadline a whole 2 hours early.

Sadly, AOL and Yahoo are no longer free to email distributors. I’ve been worried about this new charge for email for weeks now. My whole business is set up so that I can stay in touch with people who want me to stay in touch with them via email. Susan Fuller sent me this New York Times article to prove I am not alone in my angst. If you value my email newsletter or classes, I encourage you to sign the Dear AOL petition, if you so choose.

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10 comments to I’m free!

  • Hurray!!!! Congrats for meeting your deadline. That is a huge accomplishment. I’m very much looking forward to reading the book after it gets published. I’d go a bit further – if you are on aol or yahoo for email I’d strongly recommend you leave and make it clear to these companies you are leaving because you don’t support their decision to tax the internet. We can complain all we want but the only thing these folks will listen to is the bottom line. If noone leaves AOL as a result of this then what do they care what we think of them – in the end this business model is going to be a wonderful little income boost for them. If anyone wants a gmail account (a free email account from google) let me know and I’ll send you a free invite.

  • Hey Alyson! Just got my free copy of “living the artist’s life” today. Thanks for the heads up on that. what a great suprize it was. I totally forgot about it. This xmas-like day is because of you! Thanks!

  • I signed the petition. I also congratulate you on your book!

  • Alyson- I went to the site to sign the letter, but HELP! Either the letters on the form are too small for me to be able to READ them, or I am blind! I could make out First and Last name, and that was all… I know this is none of your doing, but it frustrates me that I am unable to sign the petition because I can’t read it… Am I the only one with this problem? Deb

  • Okay…here goes. I know it’s the IN thing to jump on the negative bandwagon without checking out the whole story. I decided to take 5 minutes to do some investigating on the AOL/Yahoo email charge thing. I am a firm believer in SNOPES.COM. It is widely known as the site to got to when you hear something either on the net or tv, etc. This site will either give you a TRUE or FALSE on a bazillllion urban legends. People are waaaay over reacting to this story. Alyson will still be able to send to her regular email list at NO CHARGE. Her email list comes from people who have given her permission to send them her emails. The “charge” that is being talked about is for companies who want an ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of their email reaching the customers inbox and not being touched by any SPAM filters. Please jump over to http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/emailtax.asp to see the WHOLE story. If it still bothers you, then go ahead and panic!

  • Jayne, I appreciate you are checking up on things, but I don’t think the New York Times is a bad source of information. I have done my own reading on this. The ONLY way to guarantee my email will get to Yahoo and AOL subscribers is to pay for it to be delivered–regardless of whether or not my subscribers have opted in. That’s straight from the mouths of babes (those at AOL and Yahoo).

  • P.s. I don’t think it’s a negative bandwagon to be concerned about one’s business.

  • While it may or may not be relevant regarding this particular issue, Jayne does have a point. Like any other newspaper, the NY Times is not infallible. I spent two summers working for a New York organization that serves under-privileged youth and more than once saw the NYTimes pose children for “candid” photos and confuse facts involving simple human interest stories. It’s always best to research an issue before signing any petition.

  • Hi Alyson, I tried to sign the petition, but it has a space for zip code that you must fill in and my Dutch code is too long. Is there some other way to do this?