Ready to be a lensmaster?

341_1It may be spring where you are, but I plan on taking advantage of the greatest snow in Colorado in years. I’m heading down to Crested Butte to spend time with the two cutest boys in the world: my nephews, Jes and Heath.

Being self-employed is terrific. It allows me to take off and do stuff like this! But it also means the office (laptop) must come with me. Ah, the perils of being an “almost” one-person operation.

Before I go, I’ve been meaning to tell you about Lisa Call’s Squidoo lens. (update: no longer available) Do you know what a lens is? Lisa says “it’s kind of a cross between a blog and wikipedia.” Here’s Wikipedia’s definition. People who write the lenses are called “lensmasters.”

Who has time for all of this stuff? I guess we find the time if we are serious about marketing online!

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