10 Ideas for Newsletter Content

1. An upcoming fundraiser for a local arts organization.
2. A new public artwork in town.
3. A review of an art exhibit.
4. Rebuttal to an art review in the paper.
5. Great moments in art history.
6. Creative projects for non-artists.
7. The history of a color, art medium, or technique.
8. Art in schools.
9. Quotes about art.
10. Great Web site links, wacky or just plain helpful links.

Be sure to read this week’s Art Marketing Action for more about newsletter content. Last week’s issue was about starting a newsletter.

This is adapted from my book, Cultivating Collectors.

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2 comments to 10 Ideas for Newsletter Content

  • Another important source of content is announcing new artworks that are available. As a former gallery owner, I can tell you that being the “first” to see new artwork is of utmost importance to many art collectors. Announcing new artworks is even more effective if you can write a bit of information about the works, such as where they were painted or what inspired them in the first place.