Grants for Working with Art and Alzheimer’s Patients

Received this last week from Noell Hammer, founder of Art Without Boundaries:

The Art Without Boundaries Foundation awards matching grants to deserving visual artists wishing to train to become Certified Mnemetecnic Therapists. MT is a new, multidiscipline therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. As a CMT, artists can earn $100 an hour, own their own business and enjoy a rewarding career that really makes a difference.

Artist must be skilled in watercolor or acrylic painting;
have experience with persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other related disorders; (or willing to get experience have two years of college or equivalent life experience and be able to sing or carry a tune).

Artists must have an entrepreneurial spirit and some financial resources for business start-up. Entrepreneurs wishing to hire artists may also apply. In keeping with the mission of The Art Without Boundaries Foundation, artists who are single mothers will be given first consideration for grants and loans, but all qualified individuals are welcome to apply on our website.

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2 comments to Grants for Working with Art and Alzheimer’s Patients

  • I worked with Alzheimer,s patients for around 7 years through my church. I would love to do something for these patients. I took a quick look at the site but don’t have the time to read through it all now. I will when I get home from work in the morning. This may be something I have been looking for. Thanks for posting it on your blog

  • Our apprenticeship program has gone through many changes since this was posted. We can now offer free training and help in setting up your AWB Chapter, your only investment is time. I invite anyone who considered this previously to revist our site.