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I’m excited to announce that Shari Cornish has joined my team! I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to help more artists, I’d have to get more help for myself. Enter Shari.Sharicornish

For more than 20 years, Shari has worked as an artist and surface designer. Since 1995 she has been creating of a line of rugs and carpets domestically. Her designs have been commissioned and collected internationally by individuals, corporate collections and museums. They can be seen at HomePortfolio.

In 2004 Shari’s artwork and "other life" merged and she became self-employed. As an independent contractor she works from her home office both as an artist and creative virtual assistant (VA). As a VA, Shari can help me from afar with my needs. She’s in Vermont! If you’re more curious about how VA’s work, I invite you to read the Wikipedia definition of a virtual assistant.

As a creative virtual assistant, Shari partners with other creative professionals and organizations to provide ongoing organizational and administrative support. It is because of her background as an artist and her administrative skills that I have asked her to help make run smoothly as it grows.

Shari says, "I’m really excited to help out Alyson and the artists who visit–even if it’s only in the virtual world."

Shari is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri and Assist University.

Photo: Shari Cornish & Gigi.

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