Newsletter Design

As with all of your marketing material, your newsletter should promote your “brand.” It should have the same fonts, colors, and tone as your Web site, business card, brochures, postcards, and letterhead. In other words, when people get it, they’ll know it’s from you.

Is your work fun and funky? Make sure your newsletter is the same. But if you have serious, traditional work, you would be doing yourself a disservice to use fun colors and funky fonts. Colors, text, and design should not compete with but enhance your artwork. It’s not about the design. It’s about you.

Everything is designed around the image you want to project. The most important thing is that you are consistent, which relates a professional, self-confident artist.

If your newsletter is send via email and you’re using HTML (more on this tomorrow), check out the HTML Color Code Chooser. This is a terrific online tool for choosing color for Web sites–the same colors you’ll be using for your newsletter.

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  • Great advice. One other thing to be aware of is to make sure to allow your subscribers to CHOOSE whether they want HTML or plain text newsletters. If you blast HTML to everyone, it may not render correctly in some email programs and/or some people may simply not want html. In addition, html stands a higher chance of getting caught in spam filters. The safest bet is to send HTML to the people who want it and text to the people who want it.