Spring Motivation

Do you have spring fever? It was around 80 degrees here for the past three days and I started feeling it. Succumbed to the season with a nice evening hike last night, which seemed to be just what I needed. After returning home, I got back to work to clear up some loose ends. All in preparation for working on my book and upcoming Art Marketing Action Circles.

Spring fever might lead you astray, but, somehow, it fires me up. I can’t wait to get to work!

The Circles, which are beginning in May, are going to be terrific “nests” for artists seeking accountability and support. To date, fourteen people have applied! We’ll be setting goals and motivating each other on a daily basis. We even have our own, private blog!

I’m considering adding more Circles in the future–ones that focus on a specific medium (photography has been requested) or goal (museums, public art projects, wholesaling). As a participant in virtual groups (through phone calls), I can attest to their power for focus and motivation.

What types of art marketing groups would you like to see for your art business?

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3 comments to Spring Motivation

  • I am inspired for spring. I love it! too much work and so little time!

  • I love the idea, and believe it could be very helpful. As an artist that falls in the ‘amateur circle’ catagory, its cost is a bit out of my league. I hope to be able to try it some time in the future.

  • Deb Trotter

    Alyson- Do you need someone else to start a circle or to join one? I’m definitely interested! Did I miss a post where we were supposed to sign up? Thanks, Deb