Sending “Pretty” HTML Art Newsletters–How?

Picture_2_1Just got this nifty email announcement from Barbara Solberg. Rather than using a template, the HTML was created by her daughter, Melinda Jarvis Borchert, so it is unique to her needs. (click on image for full size)

Upon giving me permission to post her email here, Barbara said,

“I was inspired by your comments about wording for art invitations that are so dull. I have been guilty of sending out so many of those! So, we tried harder on this one. Actually, this is the first time that I have ever sent an email  invitation in addition to my usual mailed postcard. So, we shall  see if this helps to bring a crowd!”

Read more about enticing people with your message.

Speaking of this, I also received a request from Mary Daniel “Danny” Hobson of the Arts & Healing Network. She asked:

We currently publish an online version of our monthly newsletter called AHN News at and then send out a digest version using Topica in text only with hyperlinks to each section of the newsletter. We would really like to improve the visual quality of what we are doing with the email version. I know you recommended a couple of sites – but I didn’t see you explain what you use. Would you be willing to share what software/product or company you use for your html newsletter? And why you chose them.

Well, sorry to say this, but, like Barbara, I created my own HTML template for the Art Marketing Action newsletter. Then, I gave it to Pat, my Web guru, to fix it. (It looks so much better than when I started it!) She has tweaked it so that it meets my needs. We allow it to change and get better, which I highly encourage. As long as the “brand” looks like you–is consistent–the format can change subtly over time. I use DreamWeaver and Pat uses Front Page, but we both know HTML coding, so we can tweak it. When the newsletter is sent out, through 1AutomationWiz, it’s sent in MIME (both plain text and HTML). This accommodates all readers, I hope.

So, Danny, I’m afraid I’m of little help as far as templates are concerned. I’m hoping there are some artists out there who might be able to comment and provide us with some leads.

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