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Picture_5I want to recommend “The Muse” and “Impulses,” two newsletters from my coach, Cynthia Morris. A screen shot of "Impulses" is included here. Last week’s topic from “The Muse” was “Mining Your Unconscious.” Cynthia wrote:

These days our senses and day timers are overloaded with input. For creative types, this hyper activity can short circuit our own creative source. Our most powerful creativity comes from deep within, not from tons of outer stimuli. While a little outer stimuli is helpful, a lot of inner input feeds us on a deeper level. Symbols that emerge from our unconscious are more targeted to our work than the flotsam that passes by our conscious mind. Artists of all genres are known for delving deep into their unconscious for images, story ideas and direction.   

How can creative types access the rich fields of the unconscious? By making space for it, and by paying attention. Here are a few ways to delve into your unconscious mind and enhance your creative projects.

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Listen to your dreams. Keep a dream log and notice the symbols and
emotions that appear in your dreams. Use them in your writing and see
what happens.   

Pay attention to the stories that come in just as you are falling
asleep. Hypnogogia, that state you are in just before you fall asleep,
seems to spawn great stories. I know I receive them – the stories seem
to be already written and they just come through. Keep a pad of paper
and pen by the bed to capture these. Train yourself to write them

Turn it over to your characters. Let them tell the story. Do a free
write from their voices. Interview them to find out what they want and
how they want the story to go.   

Take an inventory of the chotchkies in your home. Make a list of the
things you have around you. You may notice a theme – lots of little
frogs or images with water elements. Look around as if you did not know
the person who lives there. What would you say about your choices? Do a
free write or use the symbols in a story.   

On a weekend morning, after you get up and do your morning ritual, go
back to bed. Let your mind drift to your story. Allow ideas for
direction float to the surface. Be like a person in the audience and
let the story unroll before you, as if you were watching a film. This
is particularly good when you are stuck with the direction the plot
should go. This also works for non-fiction. Often with non-fiction
pieces, we are challenged to decide what to include, what to leave out
and where to start the story.   

Try writing with your non-dominant hand. See what comes up from the other side.   

Make time every day to do nothing. Five or ten minutes sitting outside,
meditating, or lying down for a nap will provide the space for your
unconscious wisdom to be heard.   

I invite my clients to delve into their own wisdom. Again and again,
the questions I ask allow them to create their own source of knowing.
Developing intuition and self-trust are at the heart of my coaching.
Use some of the methods suggested here for partnering with your
unconscious or call me for coaching to help jump start the process.
Either way, have fun with it!


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