Want more people to subscribe to your newsletter?

If you want more people to sign up for your mailing list or artist newsletter, you have to tell them what they’re getting. There’s too much junk mail and spam out there for people to sign up without knowing what to expect.


©Kenney Mencher, We’ve Always Done It This Way. Oil on canvas, 24 x 48 inches.


If you’re emailing a newsletter, have samples on your Web site. State, specifically, that you will be sending the newsletter out monthly, bimonthly, or whatever. You could, for instance, say, “My art newsletter is sent out bimonthly, with infrequent updates and invitations in between.”

You should also have a privacy policy. The Art Biz Coach subscription page says right at the top:

I value your trust in Art Biz Coach and respect your privacy. Your name and email will never, under any circumstances, be shared with or sold to anyone–ever!

If you ask people to sign up for your mailing list at an art opening or art festival, do the same. Have a notebook with samples of your mailing and tell people how frequently you send them out.

Telling people what to expect will lead to more subscribers. I promise. The onus is on you to follow through with what you have said you will do.

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