Where to find a speaking gig?

In reference to the Art Marketing Action newsletter, "Speak Up," Ellen Lindner recently wrote in a comment:

Alyson, I’m glad to hear that public speaking is so important for an artist, because this is something I love to do, (and I’m even told that I’m good at it). But how do I get the opportunities for 30 minutes of audience captivation??? I’m thinking maybe local civic groups? Or what?

Well, Ellen, where you speak depends a great deal on your artwork and the stories you have to tell about it. To be frank, your opportunities to speak are limited only by your imagination. You can even make an entire lecture out of one piece of art–weaving stories in and out.

Here are some audience ideas from my Shameless Self-Promotion class:

Women’s organizations
Rotary Clubs
Lions Clubs
Recreational centers
Business & professional groups
Brown bag lunches (gardens, art centers, art museums, history and natural history museums, zoos)
Adult & continuing education programs

It’s a start. But if you have a strong niche market (environmental, feminist, sports, etc.), I highly suggest you look into affiliated groups. You know who they are better than I.

Image: Ellen Lindner, San Juan Scenery, 2004. Quilt, 57½ x 23½ inches. (c) The Artist

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