A Pendant Just for Art Lovers

I have the coolest clients. They send me gifts!Davison_2

This beautiful pendant is from Sarah Davison of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It says “ART” in large letters and has the signatures of famous artists in the background. It couldn’t be more appropriate. Thanks, Sarah! (I can’t wait for her to get a website so I can send everyone there. In the meantime, you can email her if you want to find out more.)

I helped Sarah with her statement, which turned out nicely, if I do say so:

Imagine a child examining a shiny coin or key. She doesn’t really know what its purpose is, but the words, textures, and shapes are appealing. That was me.
Today, that fascination manifests itself in my pendants made from precious metal clay. Text is imprinted into the clay and becomes surface decoration. Handwritten messages convey a personal touch, while foreign languages and travel images relate an exotic flavor. Thoughts are left unfinished­—intended to be completed by those who wear the jewelry.

Image: (c) Sarah Davison.

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