How I got the Art Business News Interview

Yesterday’s entry about my profile in Art Business News prompted this comment from Jay Coffelt:

In the vein of a recent newsletter or blog post and to further our self-promotion education, how did this come about? Did you approach ABN? If so, did you already have most of the interview written? Or did the writer/ABN contact you and want to do a Q&A and you had to react/respond/write to her questions?

Well, this was an easy one. Art Business News contacted me a while back and I started writing for them in January or February, so I already had a relationship with them. Since they make it a habit to profile their contributors, it was only a matter of time before they got to me.

Suzanne Casgar emailed me the questions. I typed up the answers, returned them to her, and voila! The cool thing about this methodology is that I have a chance to edit my words–much better than off the cuff.

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