Plan a Theme Exhibition around Your Art

A few days ago I gave you a link to a very nice interview Art Business News did with me.

Now for the better stuff.

I wrote an article for Art Business News that encouraged art galleries to build audiences with theme exhibitions. Maybe it will give you some ideas. Also, here are some ideas from an exhibit we did on Pop Art (look under "July").

By the way, this information is part of the upcoming e-class, “Exhibit Your Art: Venues to Openings.”

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3 comments to Plan a Theme Exhibition around Your Art

  • I have great ideas for marketing and promotion. All my artist friends comment on that. In addition to that skill, I also have it’s counterpart, lack of follow-through. So whatever great ideas I have for my friends, I rarely implement them myself. Your blog (which I have bookmarked through Blogarithm) is giving me that little extra push to actually see an idea through to completion. Thank you for that!

  • You’re right: Ideas aren’t worth much unless you can implement them. Otherwise, you’re just giving them away to others to benefit from. Do you want it badly enough?

  • […] the art has a theme. Art by one artist looks great next to art by another – because the images were carefully […]