What would be a fitting tribute to you?

As I said in this week’s Art Marketing Action, Luis Jimenez was recently honored in the state of New Mexico with flags flown at half-staff for two days. Richard DeVore was pinned as: "Flair for the sublime," "one of the most important," and "pantheon of the greatest contributors."

On January 25, 2005, The staff and trustees of the Museum of Modern Art took out a tribute in The New York Times to their former curator of architecture, Philip Johnson:

“Philip bestowed upon the Museum an astounding munificence–in works of art as well as financial support–that will long be remembered in an institution that is known for the generosity of its leaders.”

I would like for these words to be used in my farewell: generous, hard-working, charitable, and visionary. Just writing them down makes me realize I’d better get cracking on some stuff!

What do you want people to say about your life and your art when you’re gone?

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