Attend Gallery Openings

“If you want to make it as an artist, go to every gallery opening that you’re invited to. Get there at the beginning and stay until the end.”
–Ivan Karp (OK Harris Gallery, NYC)
as quoted in Richard Polsky, I Bought Andy Warhol (p. 134)

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6 comments to Attend Gallery Openings

  • Nicole

    Do you believe this quote Alyson? By the way… I purchased the book this quote came from, as recommended by you in your Art News interview. It is a fabulous history lesson on Andy Warhol but also offers great insight into the world of dealers. Thank you for the introduction to it.

  • I’ve heard nothing but praise for Ivan Karp, so I have great respect for his words. Keep in mind that he is in New York, which is its own artworld. However, I do believe that it certainly can’t hurt to follow his advice. The underlying message, of course, is that you are schmoozing and meeting people throughout the evening and they are seeing and remembering your name and face.

  • It’s interesting to note that this reference is to “making it as an artist” not “being an artist”…..

  • This was my understanding on succeeding as an artist but I was recently told going to opening after opening was the wrong way to go about it.. Is it still the go?

  • I love the newsletter & the blog, but sometimes it is downright depressing. If we, as artists, did all the other “things” suggested, there would be absolutely no time left to create art. I know the idea is to pick & choose which ones will help you the most personally, but still…. Sometimes I wonder if other artists actually have time to make art, do all the marketing that goes along with it, find & visit prospective galleries, set up a blog, go to every art opening, join associations, take classes, do festivals & shows, etc. etc. If so, I wonder how they are doing it?

  • Lynnda, You’re right. You do have to pick and choose. I give you options. The point is to be consistent. You have to make art, but you also have to make sure people are aware of it.