More on “A Painting a Day”

In response to recent articles about creating a painting a day and selling them online, I received a couple of terrific follow-ups from tuned-in artists. From Katherine Tyrrell in London:

I referenced this on my blog Making A Mark in "Will you be a success if you blog your paints daily?" which essentially about all the other things you ‘need to do’ besides doing a daily painting blog (ie latter may help with marketing but it’s not magic!). I followed up the next day with "The Stickability Factor" which is getting covered today by here.

And from Jeff Hayes in Boston:

As a follow-up to your recent post about the USAToday article on Painting-A-Day artists who blog, I wanted to let you know that I’ve published several introductions to the topic online. The first is an eBay guide that serves as a general overview.  The second is a Squidoo entry that provides links to a number of Painting-A-Day artists.

Image: Jeff Hayes, Lemon in a Glass Jar. Oil, 7 x 4.5 inches. (c) The Artist.

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