Bathtub Art Museum

Tomorrow I leave for Washington state and my artist self-promotion workshop in Winthrop. Here at the last minute, I’m Googling stuff to make sure I don’t miss anything along the way (I’m going to miss most everything, but I can at least try). Anyhow, I came across the Bathtub Art Museum, which is nowhere near where I’ll be. It mostly exists online, but there is a collection in Portland, OR–mostly postcards dating back to 1900. Just proves that you can make a museum (and I use that term loosely here since there’s no physical space) out of any kind of art.

Lest it sound like I’m not crazy about the idea, you’re wrong. I just wish Portland were closer to where I’ll be going. I’d definitely make an appointment to see 300 images of bathtub art!

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1 comment to Bathtub Art Museum

  • Carye Bye

    Thanks for the blog about my museum! it came up in a recent search. You are welcome anytime – but believe it or not, no one in the three + years I’ve been doing the museum has ever asked to make an appointment. Currently I try to always have at lease one exhibit in a public place in Portland. Carye Bye